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Amazing Makeup Tutorials with Samantha Maria

From starting as a “Beautycrush” (her early YouTube channel before rebranding) to becoming a certified beauty and fashion guru, Samantha Maria parlayed her degree in fashion styling into a YouTube channel with more than 1.8 million followers and 173 million views. In it, she shares her ever-evolving personal style, beauty favorites, passion for travel, and as a YouTube star since July 2009, lessons learned in her growth as a person and an online personality.

Over the years, ‘Sammi’ has built a large fan-base for turning out lookbooks, make-up tutorials, reviews, tags and hauls, and in the last two to three years, travel diaries and ‘girltalk’ segments where she discusses issues as varied as uni/college tips, self-esteem and confidence, health and fitness, feminism and sexism, and her mixed race heritage (Afro-Guyanese father and British mother).

Her marriage to Jason Davis (collaborator for her Novem & Knight clothing line) and the arrival of their daughter Indie, her day to day musings and ramblings, as well as travels around England and abroad, are shared in her second YouTube channel, SamanthaMariaVlogs. Launched in January 2010, the vlog enjoys a huge following of more than half a million subscribers and more than 43 million views.