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Are You Ready? Here Are the Best Movies from the African Continent

You can learn a lot about Africa through the films that come from the continent. It’s film industry has always been in continuous growth with many award winning films being created here. From the creativity of directors, actors, and international support, many films from the African continent have risen to high prominence around the world. These are some of the best movies from the African continent that are out now.

Flower Girl

Flower Girl is one of the premier romantic comedy films coming from Nigeria. This film is a story about relationships where the man and woman have different views about marriage. The main character, Kemi, played by Damilola Adegbite, is looking forward to marriage. The man of the relationship, Umar, played by Chris Attoh, has his eyes set on advancing in his career before taking their relationship to the next level. This difference in views causes the relationship to take a turn for the worst. In order to resolve their issues, and hopefully get her way, Kemi joins forces with a well-known celebrity. With so many personalities and dynamics in this film, it will keep you guessing what happens next between them.

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Nairobi Half Life African Continent

Nairobi Half Life

How far would you go while chasing a dream? This question is answered in one tale about an aspiring actor by the name of Mwas. Nairobi Half Life is a popular Kenyan film which takes Mwas from his home village to the major city of Nairobi in pursuit of his acting career. The major shift in life lands him into a criminal life which trying to survive in Nairobe. Now, he has to find his way to having a successful career while dealing with the dangers of his day-to-day life. The big city changes people but the question remains whether he will overcome it in this action-packed film.

Inside Story

Inside Story is a popular South African movie that’s both entertaining and educational about issues many people are faced with in life. It’s the story of Valentine, the main character played by the famous Hakeem Kae-Kazim, who is destined to be one of the greatest football stars of his time. In the midst of building a career out of the sport, he learns that he is HIV-positive. This sickness drastically changes his life and even the people around him. Inside Story is a sports drama film that teaches about the effects of the virus and how it can impact someone chasing a bigger dream.

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Moolaadé is an award winning film from the African continent. It’s a film showcasing a political side of Africa taking place in a Burkina Faso. In many small villages in this region, there is a tradition of female genital mutilation when they are young as a sign of purity. Not everyone agrees with this practice, however. The story follows a woman who protects her daughter and a few other village girls from this practice with Moolaadé, or ‘magical protection’. This resistance from the village custom causes a lot of tension between the entire village society, which the woman and the girls must fight to survive.

Mission 2016

Mission 2016

Mission 2016, directed by Michael Kai and Mukasa Kelly James, is one of the best movies to see if you’re looking for a crime-action film. It’s was made in Uganda but has a plot that can be related anywhere in the world. The main character, Sudi, is the lucky winner of the lottery but in a decision to change his life thanks to his newfound riches, his past continues to keep him back. He is part of a gang and changing his lifestyle means turning his back on this group of “friends”. His former gang members resort to violence to keep him from achieving his new dreams.

The Piano

The Piano is a South African classic, bringing a completely new storyline to the film industry. This drama is about a man named Errol, played by Andre Samuels, who loves his wife so much that he bought her a piano using borrowed money. When he is unable to pay back the money, he gets caught in a web of lies from all aspects of his life, with his wife, his community, and the law. A man that was once living an ideal life now has to deal with everything that he once knew and loved turning upside down.

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Watu Wote African Continent

Watu Wote

Watu Wote is a film based on a true story about religious conflicts that occur in Kenya. There has always been a divide between Christians and Muslims. Situations escalated in the country with the introduction of the terrorist group known as Al-Shabaab. During one event, the terrorist group ambushed a bus full of passengers and many people from both religions were killed. This event had such an impact on the social view throughout the country that this film was made to memorialize the event. It’s gained international recognition across numerous film festivals and has received very prominent awards.

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