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Laugh Out Loud to These African American Comedies

The great thing about comedy films is that they can come paired with some of the most unlikely genres. Whether it’s an action-comedy or romantic comedy, African American comedies have produced some of the best films of their generations. You’ll surely laugh your head off watching these African American comedies.


Friday is one of the most hilarious African American comedies ever made. This timeless film stars comedian Chris Tucker and Ice Cube. It is about two friends who spend a Friday together after one of them gets fired on his day off. The entire film happens within their LA neighborhood where it seems as if every house and corner has its own drama happening. While they get caught up in the day-to-day life of living in a black neighborhood, they have a comedic approach to how they deal with situations that can be found in almost any neighborhood. The main plot of the film unfolds when they land into trouble and have to payback a drug dealer $200 by the end of the day.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a buddy cop film which stars Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. This original film was so popular that it went on to have 2 other follow up films and fans demanding even more. Once the film starts you won’t stop laughing. Putting together a black officer and an Asian officer, a lot of the comedy happens with the cultural differences and learning how to work together on a very important case. A young girl is kidnapped and the duo is tasked with reuniting her with her father safely. This mission brings along a ton of action and danger to the team. The comedic action of the film makes it one of the most entertaining African comedy series ever created.

Major Payne

Comedian-Actor Damon Wayans stars in the comedy Major Payne. When a former Marines Major gets discharged from service, his next job leads him to commanding a group of kids at a school. His methods haven’t changed from commanding adults so there is a lot to learn for Major Payne when dealing with this new group. His style of training becomes the center of the comedy in this film as the kids try to understand if he’s serious or if it’s all a joke to begin with. When you combine the simple nature of kids versus the strict nature of Marines training, the result is laughter with every scene. Check out this film to find out if he’ll be able to adapt to his current situation and gain the respect he’s looking for in his new role.


Boomerang is an iconic romantic comedy of its time and still referenced in pop culture today. Just like a boomerang, this film is a perfect example of what goes around, comes around. A successful executive in New York City, played by Eddie Murphy, is a player by most people’s standards. He spends his time meeting beautiful women around the city, only to sleep with them and ultimately loosing interest soon after. While this may seem like a great lifestyle for him, he eventually finds himself searching for actual romance when he has the same thing happen to him by a lady executive. This comedy shows him struggling between the life he’s used to all while trying to win the attention of the woman that got away.

Bad Boys

Buddy cop films have produced some of the funniest movies in the industry, Bad Boys being one of the top. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star in this film which is packed full of action and laughs. When millions of dollars are stolen, they set off on a mission to find and recover the money before the FBI gets involved and takes over the case. They have been long-time partners and when their personalities get together, the comedy rolls out naturally, whether they’re riding along in a squad car or even in the middle of a shoot out. The action and comedy is nonstop with this duo who went on to create a sequel to the film.

Booty Call

There’s not too much romance that happens in this romantic-comedy. Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson star in Booty Call who are only on a mission to get women into bed. They are paired up on a double date with stars Vivica A. Fox and Tamala Jones as they try to impress them all night with hopes of scoring by the end of the night. The women are obviously up to their game so they send the guys on a wild cat-and-mouse chase all night. The end up jumping through more hoops than expected as they try to accomplish their goal. This hilarious movie turns their date night into a series of laughter all night.