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The Train of Salt and Sugar

Set during the Mozambican civil war of the 1980’s, this film tells the story of a train transporting passengers and goods through 500 miles of apartheid South African – backed guerilla-held territory. While friendships grow between the passengers, violence looms on board with the presence of rivalries from the soldiers. The train is under military guard who’s leader is a mystic Sangoma military commander. Both the soldiers & the passengers also have to always be aware of looming threat from rebels outside in the guerilla territory. Caught between power struggles of the military onboard & the rebels outside, the relationships forged and hardships met on their journey are wrought with tensions. Though the sweeping backdrop of the stunning African countryside is beautiful, it holds the threat of battle. The Train of Salt & Sugar was Mozambique’s submission in the Best Foreign Language Category for the 90th Annual Academy Awards.