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Where to Watch African Movies Online

African cinema has grown astronomically in the last couple of decades to become a socio-cultural and economic hub for the continent. This growth has been buoyed by a rising population (with an increasingly youthful demographic), increasing purchasing power, an avalanche of industry actors with a compelling African voice, storylines and the influence of Technology.

In-continent thespians like O.C Ukeje, Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic et al, bring refinement and a home-grown flair that brings acting to life. These stars are complemented by the Diaspora acts; by this term I mean men and women, born and bred outside the shores of Africa with roots to the continent, who bring international flair and panache to cross border movie collaborations. In this light, think of movies such as Thirty Days in Atlanta!

Technology’s Stake

Technology captures not only modern movie equipment and processes but also the contributions of the Internet and online viewing of African movies. Online streaming of African movies is now becoming the preferred choice for more than half of the African population, who are mostly youths.

Statistics show that online streaming platforms experience increased traffic and demand for African movies daily. Platforms like YouTube, Filmdoo, and Roku, iFlix and many others have made it a tad easier to get updates on happenings in the African movie industry.

Show me an African youth; head bowed, telephone in hand, oblivious to the world to the point of nearly being knocked down on the street, and I will wager my last penny in the bank, that he/she is watching an African film. (I might be wrong and just so you know, my bank does not accept pennies.)

Perhaps, none typifies the experience of watching African movies online better than Demand Africa. DEMAND AFRICA prides itself as the premier destination showcasing world-class lifestyle, travel, and entertainment, Streaming TV series, documentaries, movies and more, with a focus on Africa.

This online platform purposes to make modern Africa’s influence and culture more accessible to people living within and without the continent. It plans to achieve this with the streaming of African lifestyle content, including the airing of hundreds of hours of scripted African TV Series and movies.

You can look forward to premium African content as DEMAND AFRICA will feature free access to short-form video series and an online lifestyle blog community highlighting content across the African diaspora, via its interactive website and online blog at

Available on a wide range of online portals such as the web, iOS, Android and via Roku, Apple TV and Amazon, the platform will function as a platform to link audiences to the continent and introduce them to new voices reflective of Africa’s rich and diverse culture.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to DEMAND AFRICA and view the following movies to see the continent in ways you never imagined possible:

Between Friends

This comedy-drama revolves around five university friends who reunite at a South African resort where long-buried secrets are exposed causing tension and excitement. Recalling their topsy-turvy past, the group tries to append meaning to their lives. While the men are not yet ready to commit to the demands of a relationship, the ladies are on a different emotional plane.

Directed by the talented Zuko Nodada, Between Friends allows audiences laze away on a quiet evening while enjoying spirited acting and a moving storyline.

Watch Between Friends now!

The Lucky Specials

If you have a thing for tragedy and the indefatigability of the human spirit in the face of it, then The Lucky Specials should tickle your fancy. The movie centers on a misfortune that befalls The Lucky Specials, a small-time music band in a dusty mining town in South Africa. A leader and member of the group, Mandla, works as a miner by day but is passionate about playing the guitar and making it big in the music world. But Tuberculosis ravages the town and band members, who must now find the strength of mind to pull themselves together and continue with their dream.

The film is a must-watch by every standard.

Watch The Lucky Specials now!

Nothing for Mahala

If you are looking for a blend of undiluted South African humor laced with the realities of the human condition, go no further than Nothing for Mahala. Coming from the respected producer/filmmaker Ronnie Apteker, the movie comes across as a sophisticated, illuminating and life-affirming human comedy with themes about growing old gracefully, staying true to oneself and keeping to promises made.

Follow the adventure of the lead actor, Thapelo Mokoena, as he infuses his on-point comic character in navigating 200 hours of community service while meeting his match in the great Marius Weyers, who teaches Mokoena a thing or two about life and living.

Need I really say more?

Watch Nothing for Mahala now!


Do you want to see courage and goodwill thwart apathy and meanness? Then watching Hopeville will give you that needed hope! (No pun intended).

Hopeville is a captivating rendition of Amos, a reformed alcoholic on a mission to forge a relationship with his estranged son Themba. When father and son arrive in the dusty town of Hopeville, they are faced with a mean little community where apathy, fear, and suspicion was the order of the day.

Indeed, Amos’ attempt to rebuild the community’s swimming pool so that Themba and other youths can engage in meaningful recreational activities is resisted by members of the community.

In the end, good triumphs over skepticism and… Well, I would suggest you go watch this movie to see how it ends. A classic by any standards.

Watch Hopeville now!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to try out other movies with a 7-day free trial on Demand Africa and when you are through; do not forget to hit the subscription button on the website. Thank me later!