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Favorite American Foods that Originated in Africa

The culture of the United States is often described as a melting pot. Influences come from everywhere, which is especially evident in the food. Americans eat many foods that originate from all over the world. Different types of food have been brought over throughout history. Americans also adopt many foods that have been widely popular in other areas. Food originating from around Africa have become staples in the American diet. Many people are unaware of the favorite American foods that originate in Africa.

creole food jambalaya


Everybody loves rice-based dishes. It’s one of the main bases for many dishes. Jambalaya is one of the most famous dishes in America that originated in Africa. It begins with a rice base and incorporates a variety of flavors. Some of the main ingredients include different kind of meat, vegetables, and stock. It’s a type of dish that can be enjoyed a variety of ways. Americans enjoy it for the rich flavor. No two dishes of jambalaya will be the same. It gained popularity in the state of Louisiana thanks to the Creole African roots of the people there. It’s now widespread around the entire country. Jambalaya is prepared for large gatherings, meals, at restaurants, etc.



There’s no doubt that watermelon is being eaten in almost every country now. Many people, however, don’t know the true origin of it. It’s actually a fruit grown naturally in Africa. It’s locally referred to as Citrullus lanatus, a plant species in the family Cucurbitaceae. It was originally discovered thanks to its great flavor and health benefits. Americans now eat and grow watermelon around the country. It can be enjoyed a number of ways. It’s mainly consumed in it’s regular fruit form, but also used for drinks or just the flavor. It’s often considered a Summertime fruit, a time where people eat it the most in the US. The watermelon fruit is actually predominantly water. It’s made of 92 percent of water and rich in nutrients. With rich vitamins and antioxidants its a favorite food of Americans.



People from the southern part of America are very familiar with okra. Okra is rich in nutrients and a good option if you love to eat vegetable foods. Everybody can enjoy this organic food by frying or cooking it with other organic foods like chicken and more. It’s also a food that originated from Africa. It grows naturally as a flowering plant from the mallow family of plants. With zero cholesterol and rich in potassium, okra has become a well-known dish for Americans. Fitness lovers, especially, enjoy eating it as part of their diet plan as a healthy, yet tasty option. It’s a food that was brought over in the past during the times of the slave trade, a time where many African traditions that are found in the US arrived.

black eyed peas

Black Eyed Peas

During New Years, they say if you eat black eyed peas, you’ll have luck in the upcoming year. Whether for this superstition or its great taste, either way, black eyed peas are eaten all around the US. The original name for black eyed peas was Vigna unguiculata. In the US, black eyed peas get its name because of how how it looks. Its an edible bean with a black dot, literally resembling a black-eye. When it first arrived in the US, it was predominantly a southern food. It has since become available across the whole country. In everyday settings, it’s eaten as a daily energetic food. Black eyed peas are rich in nutrients providing a balance of calories and protein.

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

Another rice-based food that Americans like eating is Rice pudding. But did you know rice pudding also originated in Africa? Rice pudding is a versatile food since it can be enjoyed as a main dish, the dessert, or even just as a snack throughout the day. Ever since rice pudding arrived in the US, it’s become a favorite food for many Americans. It’s a fast dish that you can easily prepare at home. In addition to rice, it also includes ingredients such as milk, cinnamon, water and raisins. You can find this dish in a variety of flavors, adding or taking out ingredients depending on how you intend to consume it.

Ethiopia Travel coffee

Ethiopian Coffee

Coffee is perhaps one of the most popular beverages in the US. While there are many regions around the world that now grow coffee, one of the earliest forms of coffee was found right in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has the perfect climate and geographic location for making the best coffee. In the past, this drink was discovered then assimilated around the world, especially the US. Now, Americans drink this throughout the day. Many major coffee chains have become big business thanks to its popularity. While these may not produce their coffee specifically with Ethiopian coffee, the origins remain the same.