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Bati Ethiopian Kitchen
747 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 797-9696

Bati Ethiopian Kitchen is a Brooklyn-based Ethiopian restaurant known for its vegan dishes.

Bati Ethiopian Kitchen has a bit of Ethiopia for everyone, and it’s located in Brooklyn.

If your diet skews vegetarian, then this place is perfect for you.  Bati is known for their vegan options, which have taken the “VIP” spot on their menu.  Their star player is the Missir Wett, an earthy lentil stew. For the non-vegetarians, you’ll want to go for the Doro Wett first, a spicy soup with chicken and egg.  The lamb and the beef are also delicious!

As with any true Ethiopian dining experience, communal dining is the norm here. Sharing dishes helps build community, so expect to share plates with others in your party while you enjoy the surrounding Ethiopian art and photography.

The one thing you must try?  T’ej.  Ethiopian Honey Wine, a sweet alcoholic beverage that will top off your authentic Ethiopian restaurant experience.