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Ponty Bistro
218 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-1616

Ponty Bistro is a Senegalese and French fusion restaurant with two locations in New York City.

When you’re looking for Senegalese cuisine in New York, go to Pony Bistro.  You are always welcome by Ponty’s warm hospitality and attentive service.  Ponty Bistro is an upscale African restaurant offering options from Europe to Africa.

Ponty has a chic décor and a very relaxing atmosphere.  The staff is famously friendly.  Chef Cisse will often come to greet patrons and make sure all are enjoying their food and experience.

There is a sophistication in the flavors in the intersection of West Africa, France and the Mediterranean. The chefs work to combine west African cooking traditions with current culinary practices.  Try the Niokolokoba (Grilled Sirloin marinated with Senegalese spices) if you want a steak that’s tender, delicious, infused with Senegalese spices, and served piping hot.

For dessert, you must have the absolutely perfect Crème Brule which will top off your French/Senegalese experience.  Trés Magnifique!