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New Harlem Besame Restaurant
2070 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10027
(646) 863-2277

Guava Ribs! Caribbean and Latin Fusion Cuisine by New Harlem Besame

Nestled in heart of Harlem, in a chic spot is New Harlem Besame, a restaurant, bar, and lounge accented with Afro-Caribbean and Latin live music and décor.

New Harlem Besame’s menu offers a fusion of Caribbean and Latin flavors.  One look at the menu, and you’ll see the inspiration of the Caribbean with Jamaican dishes with tropical fruit and jerk twists on some originals.  You’ll also see the influence of Latin cuisine from tacos to Costa Rican coffee.

But there’s always that one dish that leaves everyone talking.  Here, it’s the Guava Ribs.  The guava marinated ribs call to Caribbean inspiration, juicy and tropically flavorful.  They perfectly embody the spirit of New Harlem Besame… fusion.