Africa's first mainstream superhero television show


Los Angeles, CA February 1, 2018 – As Hollywood pushes for more diverse characters in the superhero genre, streaming platform Demand Africa introduces Jongo, Africa’s first-ever mainstream superhero television show. Filmed in contemporary Johannesburg, Jongo tells the story of Eli King, a kind-hearted hip-hop dancer who acquires an array of supernatural abilities after finding an alien crystal at the site of his father’s murder. In search of the killers, King discovers those responsible have crystals of their own.

“While Jongo is an international series, it’s important for us that the show has a distinctly African soul. Moreover, we wanted to showcase the beauty and dynamism of the continent and of South Africa in particular. So much focus is placed on the many problems Africans face. Jongo emphasizes all that is wonderful and positive about this great continent of ours,” says Jongo’s director Gareth Crocker.

In a climate where African American characters on the big screen are needed more than ever, Jongo will also be joining the likes of Netflix’s Luke Cage (Marvel’s first Black superhero show), Marvel’s Black Panther (Marvel’s first feature with a leading Black superhero, recently broke Fandango’s presale ticket record for Marvel Cinematic Universe films in its first 24 hours), and the CW’s Black Lightning (DC Comics’ first Black superhero). While Jongo is based on a superhero, Crocker prides himself on being able to still keep his main character as human as possible.

“We’re passionate about sharing series like Jongo, that feature multi-cultural stories from fresh and exciting voices with a global audience.” – Dean Cates Director, Digital Marketing and Strategy.

The main cast consists of new and familiar faces, featuring Pacou Mutombo (Eli King), Katlego Baaitse, Luthuli Dlamini (Mountains of the Moon, Mandela’s Gun), Michael Mutombo, Pauline Zwane, Sarah Kozlowski (Broken Darkness, Bond of Blood) Motsi Tekateka (Umlilo, Into The Fog), Benedikt Sebastian (America: Promised Land; Blood and Glory), Tessa Jubber (Wallander, Drum), Chris van Rensburg (Broken Darkness, The Siege of Jadotville).

US and Canadian audiences can stream the first episode of Jongo on Demand Africa February 1st for free!

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