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10 Amazing African Fashion Photographers

African fashion is rapidly evolving. This evolution is bringing us closer to the center stage as more people copy a thing or two from our fashion styles and statements. Fashion photography has proved to be an effective tool in bringing African fashion to the center stage. Creativity, perspective, soul and technique are just a few of the features that distinguish African fashion photography from others.

In no particular order, here is a list of favourite African fashion photographers who have contributed greatly to the evolution and globalisation of fashion trends in Africa.


Lakin Ogunbawo

This Nigerian photographer describes himself as a “versatile artist with an eye for color.” His works are bold, vivid and sometimes described as suggestive. Lakin’s photos are drenched in color and the effect is stunning to behold.

After his return from Paris, he set up his studio somewhere in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, and has been creating stunning imagery ever since.


Namsa Leuba

Namsa is a mix of Guinean and Swiss descent. She studied photography in ECAL, University of Art and Design Lausanne and obtained a Masters in Art Direction at ECAL. Namsa has always intended to represent African identity through the western imagination.

She does this successfully using documentary, photography, fashion and performance. Her myriad of works have been recognized by prestigious journals such as I-D, Numéro, KALEIDOSCOPE, Foam, Interview, New York Magazine, Wallpaper, Vice Magazine, Libération, British Journal of Photography, and European Photography.

She is also the recipient of prestigious awards such as the PhotoGlobal Prize, First Prize at the Planches Contact Festival in Deauville, France and Winner of the Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Festival.


Delphine Diallo

Based in Brooklyn, this Senegalese photographer and visual artist combines visual art with activism. Her purpose is to “push the many possibilities of empowering women, youth and cultural minorities through visual provocations.”

Delphine does this very well.   She is skilled in analog and digital photography,  3D printing, collage and illustration and virtual reality technologies.

She draws her inspiration from anthropology, religion, mythology, science and arts. She actively pursues her visual quest in her home town, Saint Louis, Senegal.


Dewald Daniels

This South African photographer studied Art and Design then moved to Cape Town to work as a photographic assistant. Daniels has worked with prestigious magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Foschini magazine and Edgars Club magazine.

His work as a fashion photographer has taken him to places like London, Amsterdam and Paris. Daniel is an accomplished professional, and is quite intent on honing and expanding his skills so as to spread through all the continents in the world. He is taking baby steps into advertising and retail.


Anny Robert

This Nigerian photographer  is on a mission to create timeless portraits and images. Anny Robert’s works also includes a timeless collection of one of Nigeria’s popular musicians, Iceprince Zamani.


Lyra Aoko

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Lyra Aoko is a lifestyle and fashion photographer with a vision to “capture her clients in the best light and create images from the heart to inspire and make her clients beautiful.” She does this using light, effects, angle and perspectives skillfully. Aoko has worked with popular brands like Nike, Piece and Co and Jack Daniels.


Andile Methembu

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Andile is on a mission to pursue excellence in photography styles. Andile is quite passionate about life, living and everything involved with photography.

He is also known for his unique approach to fashion, editorial, portrait and commercial photography. He studied photography studies at the university of Durban then moved to Cape Town where he worked as an intern in Media24’s You, Huisegenoot and Drum magazine departments. Andile’s works are clean, crisp and at the same time funky.  You can view his gallery here.


Josh Sisly

Born and raised in Ghana, Josh is a skilled photographer with a passion for editorial and commercial photography. Because she is keen about women, Josh has found a way to give voices to women, skillfully blending art with activism.

Last year, she organized a project, Pink October Shoot where she appreciated all the women in the universe.


Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko

This Nigerian photographer is fascinated with traditional Yoruba culture. She spent most of her childhood in Germany then returned to Nigeria to fully pursue her dreams. In 2008, she opened her studio,  Camara Studios in Ikeja Lagos and she has been creating stunning visual art ever since.

Ayeni-Babaeko is known for her timeless collection  that captured female figures who posed as Nigerian and African goddesses and deities. Part of her work also includes educating women on breast cancer using photography and visual art.


Ty Bello

This talented creative from Ogun State Nigeria is considered  a heavy weight in fashion photography. Ty Bello is widely known for her ethereal photos and artistic expression.

She was also the official photographer to former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan. She also does work for This Day Fashion magazine.

African fashion  is rapidly evolving, and thanks to these African fashion photographers, we are confident that the many sides of African fashion are beautifully captured for the whole world to see.