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Gaelle Prudencio Owns African Fashion in Paris

Born in Benin Republic and raised in Senegal, Gaelle Prudencio is steadily making her mark in Paris. Gaelle loves wax prints and is not ashamed to model them in her plus size frame. Unconventional, bold and daring, she is not just a fashion blogger but also a lawyer and creator of the French Curves Challenge. Gaelle is also a spokesperson in the Positive Body Movement in France.

In March 2017, Gaelle Prudencio launched a new fashion collection, Ibilola, in tribute to her late sister. Ibilola deals with wax prints from both Nigeria and Benin Republic. Ibilola is a collection of skater skirts in wax prints. Ibilola currently has three prints: Ibilola Turquoise, Ibilola Graphik and Ibilola Flower. The skater skirts come in size 42 and above. The skirts are proudly made in Dakar, Senegal.

In this video, Gaelle models a gown, a palazzo and a jump suit all in bold wax prints. She is bold, daring and doesn’t really care if a plus size African woman should be strutting round a park in Paris or not. She is very comfortable in her own skin and she shows this relaxed almost playful part of her in this video.

So there you have it, popular fashion blogs shaping the fashion industry in Africa. Is it a coincidence that they are all women? We can’t answer that question. But we do love and appreciate the effort these women put in advancing African fashion.