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A Look at Nancie Mwai's Fashion Notebook

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Nancie Mwai is quite keen on promoting Kenyan fashion. Which is why she started Fashion Notebook in 2010, a blog that promotes not only fashion but also beauty and lifestyle. Nancie Mwai prefers a chic approach to African fashion; shorts, shirts, and of course denim. You can think of Nancie’s style as modern or contemporary. However, she does add a blend of African vibes, using prints and waxes.

In this video, Nancie shows the chic ways to wear a denim. The first scene opens with a display of denim pants, a white summer tee with a black and white kimono. In this scene she wears brown strap sandals then walks barefoot.

In the second scene she flaunts a tailored denim shirt tucked in an oxblood formal trousers. In this scene she wears black and white block heels.  In the final scene she wears a denim jacket with sweat pants and graphic tee. In this scene she wears nude heels.

The collection is very chic and modern. But somehow, Nancie manages to spice the look with some African vibes. Did you notice the bold Ghana weaving on top her gorgeous head?