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Check Out These USA Based African Fashion Designers

The United States is a platform for global recognition. Which is why African fashion designers aim to host and organize fashion shows in America. However, a handful of fashion designers decided to go a step further by producing African design right out of Africa. They indeed took bold steps which helped place Africa culture and identity in the front line.

In no particular order, check out these USA based African fashion designers.

Photo: Instagram

Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo

These Nigerian sisters are the creative directors of Cee Cee’s Closet NYC, a fashion label that makes and sells hand crafted scarves, clutches and  chokers that are made from African wax prints. Their collection of headwraps consists of shorties, bandanas and scarves. The head wraps are lined with silk to retain the moisture in kinky textured hair. The head wraps are colorful, soulful and each bears a distinct name and persona. Located in New York City, Cee Cee’s Closet has successfully displayed the ingenuity and design of African fashion.

USA Based African Designers

Paakow Essandoh

In 2015, Paakow Essandoh started a mission to display the richness of African pride in South Florida. His fashion label, Mizizi fulfilled the mission. Since its inception, Mizizi has grown to become more than just a fashion label, but a movement to represent and connect people to Africa. Mizizi which is also a Swahili word for roots is a lifestyle brand that portrays the strength of African ancestry. It’s  exclusive collections of baseball, basketball and hockey jerseys represent authenticity and self awareness.

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Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim

In 2008, Somali- American twins created the fashion label, Mataano. Mataano is a women fashion label recognized for its sensibility and ready-to- wear elegance.  Using silks and hues that are typical of Somalian heritage, these sisters successfully advertise the richness of African design in the very heart of New York, America. The sisters have gained global recognition in Jamaica, Sweden, South Africa, and at New York Fashion Week.

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Charlene Dunbar

Charlene is the brains behind fashion label, Suakoko Betty.  Born in Liberia, Charlene is passionate about showcasing the wit, confidence and genius of Africa. She does this using print mixing, surprise colors and sleek styling which she infuses into her dresses, maxis, jumpsuits and blouses. She showcases this at her fashion studio in Atlanta. Suakoko Betty’s collection of dresses and accessories is contemporary, chic, ethnic and warm.

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Washington Roberts

Born in Nigeria, Washington Roberts is the CEO of the women fashion line, Washington Roberts. Washington is bold to say he acquired his sewing skills from his grandmother. After leaving Nigeria, he has since settled in New York where he combines geometric shapes and precise tailoring to create timeless fashionable pieces. He also mixes his inspiration from African culture and New York funkiness to create designs that suit the changing and evolving 21st century woman.

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Darlene and Lizzy Okpo

Again these are Nigerian sisters taking African fashion to greater heights.  Based in New York, these sisters are the brains behind the delectable fashion label, William Okpo. They make and sell dresses, bags, sweat shirts, Tees, jumpsuits and bottoms.  They named their fashion label after their father, the source of their inspiration for fashion and design. William Okpo’s designs are contemporary, almost afrofuturistic, aesthetic and bold.

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Recho Omondi

Recho Omondi is a Kenyan designer and creative director of Omondi, a fashion label in New York. Omondi style is quirky, playful yet political. Using black aesthetics, color and unique style and cut, Omondi tries to portray feminine beauty as an object of culture, logic and grace. Omondi’s collection of hoodies, dresses, pull overs, jumpsuits and trousers are modern, revolutionary, challenging and still feminine.

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Abi and Lade Fatade

In 2014, Nigerian siblings Abi and Lade Fatade created the fashion label, Ese NYC. Ese, which is a Yoruba word for thank you is a brilliant attempt to show case West African print to the Big Apple. Ese is a collection of handmade skirts, scarves, ties, pants and tank tops made of West African wax prints. The collection of designs are sharp, contemporary and stylish.

Photo: Instagram

Korto Momolu

Korto Momolu is a Liberian fashion designer and stylist with a passion for showcasing the richness of her African heritage and culture. She does this using wax prints, skins and fabrics. The creative director of fashion label, Korto Momolu, this Liberian fashion designer is intentional and ahead of her peers in bringing African fashion and design to the fore front of international recognition. Located in Little Rock Arkansas, Korto Momolu is a collection of dresses and accessories that appeal to the modern female.

Photo: Instagram

Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper

Born in New York, these Ghanian twins are on a mission to display their rich African root using a bold combination of vibrant African print and designs. Creative directors of D Piper Twins, these sisters have received international recognition from magazines, fashion shows and celebrities. Their style is chic, contemporary, ethnic but still fashionable.

These designers are part of the bold ones who are active in making the African fashion industry global. Kudos to them!