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You've Got to Check Out Beauty by Jennie Jenkins

If you want to look high-end but don’t want to pay the corresponding price tag, Jennie Jenkins is probably your best source of where to buy a look-alike. She balks at the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for name brands when excellent dupes can be had for a fraction.But she’s not averse to name brands altogether, as viewers can see from the huge number of “haul” videos she has uploaded since she began her eponymous channel in August 2010.

Apart from her passion for fashion, the Nigerian-born UK resident also loves to share skin care, make up, and hair tutorials, demonstrating how viewers can achieve celebritry-inspired looks for a lot less. Her eye for putting together clothing and accessories to compile lookbooks and OOTDs (outfit of the day) for various seasons and occasions, and her day job as a make up artist providing services for weddings, birthdays and other important events, paved the way for Jennie to collaborate with cosmetic brands, work with companies, and get sponsorhips.

She is, however, unfazed  to make less than stellar product reviews (and even roasts!) even as she enjoys the perks of brand collaboration and sponsorhips, which is perhaps why she is one of the most popular African YouTube personalities, with 637,000 subscribers to date. She has uploaded more than 600 videos to her YouTube channel, which has been viewed more than 64 million times.