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5 Top Nightlife Destinations in Africa

Africa is home to many sleepless cities when it comes to exciting nightlife. All around the continent, you can discover some of the most exciting nightlife scenes in the entire world. From a northern Moroccan city to the tip of South Africa, nightlife destinations in Africa provide visitors with endless fun. These are the top five destinations for nightlife in Africa.

Marrakech Morocco Night

Marrakech, Morocco

The nightlife scene at Marrakech, Morocco delivers an upscale experience throughout the entire city. The city offers everything from modern night clubs to traditional belly dancer performances. There’s a law in the country stating that alcohol can’t be consumed near a mosque. That doesn’t stop locals and visitors from having one of the most exciting nights in their lives.

Marrakech has several popular nightlife destinations, each with its flavor to add to the scene. Visit the Medina for a large selection of rooftop bars and lounges. Because the city’s most famous mosque is located here, the nightlife is a bit subtler compared to other locations.

Head down to Avenue Mohammed V and adjacent strips where you’ll discover a bulk of the nightclubs and bars. The Hivernage neighborhood is the more affluent party destination with massive clubs such as Theatro Night Club and casinos. Gueliz is considered the new city in Marrakech and is a frequent location for international clientele to drink and dance the night away in the modern nightclubs.

One of the most famous clubs in Marrakech is the Pacha Night Club, with a capacity of 3,000 people an attracts A-List performers and DJs.

Things to Do in Cape Town12

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the best nightlife destinations in South Africa and well known throughout the continent. The nightlife scene at Cape Town has something for everyone. With so many districts to choose from, your experience can be tailored to the kind of night you want to have.

The best way to start the night is on Camps Bay, also called the ‘sunset strip.’ Bars line the strip with a perfect viewing angle of the sunset. Many local celebrities frequent the strip for grabbing a few drinks and bar hopping before venturing into the favorite party areas of the city.

Long Street is a busy avenue by day, and a sleepless street by night, lined with some of the best nightclubs in the city. Long Street attracts the city’s young and urban crowd. Fiction Bar has a distinct balcony overlooking the avenue while providing an exciting atmosphere for dancing to international club hits. Coco Night Club is another top venue, considered one of the most exclusive nightclubs in Cape Town.

Make your way down to the V&A Waterfront to enjoy Cape Town’s waterfront venue, the Shimmy Beach Club. The outdoor venue features live DJs and performers providing entertainment stretching out onto the club’s private beach.

Accra, Ghana

Accra, Ghana has nightlife to discover in any part of the city, making it a top nightlife destination in Africa. From underground, casual venues to more upscale party destinations, Accra has it all. The town has an abundance of nightclubs for exciting dancing, jazz bars for live music, and even historical pubs for a traditional taste of Ghana.

Accra comes alive during the weekends, where the nightlife is typically focused. The centrally-located Osu is the hub for many of the best nightclubs in Accra. Nkrumah Circle is also a popular destination for finding the top nightlife scenes.

VIP clubbing experiences such as Club Onyx are mainstays for Ghanaian celebrities. Tourists and upper-class locals can be seen hanging out at venues such as Jokers Nightclub. If you’re looking for a dressier venue, the best choice is +233 Jazz Bar, featuring vibrant live music on any given night.

One of the unique party destinations in Accra is along Labadi Beach, a strip that transforms into an outdoor nightclub when the sun sets. Restaurants and bars lining the beach turn up the music and bring the party to the beach setting.

Kenya Travel nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya attracts many foreigners and expats, so the nightlife scene here tends to cater to the city’s visitors. Nairobi offers a lot of international ambiance at many of the venues but also provides a lot of opportunities to experience the rich Kenyan heritage. Nightlife in Nairobi begins later than most other places in Africa. The typical routine here is to visit a local bar or restaurants for a meal and drinks before heading out to one of the top nightclubs or venues.

The Westlands is the suburbs of Nairobi and the location of many of the best clubs in town. If you’re a fan of live music, you won’t want to miss the K1 Club, a top jazz club and hang out. SkyLux Lounge is one of the largest venues in Nairobi, with a capacity of close to 1,000 people and a hangout for local celebrities. Black Diamond is another major nightlife venue for dancing to top international hits.

As an alternative to the drinking and club scene, Nairobi’s nightlife is famous for its cultural events, featuring many live performances and cultural shows every night.

Kampala, Uganda

Uganda’s capital, Kampala, is a major scene for nightlife in Africa. Kampala has nightlife suitable for all party-goers and has quickly become a notorious city thanks to the amount of fun you can have on any given night here.

A top area for nightclubs is the Industrial Area. The name is a bit misleading as this part of the city is home to Kampala’s upscale nightlife scene. The big three clubs are located here: Club Guvnor, Club Play, and Club Silk. Each of these clubs is known for their dance parties and exotic cocktails, providing the perfect atmosphere for a great night out in Kampala.

You’ll also discover an active nightlife scene along Acacia Avenue. The street is lined with nightclubs and bars on either side. Locals and expats can be seen strolling the avenue, hopping from one bar to another until its time to end the night at one of the nightclubs. Kampala offers visitors everything from hip hop clubs, such as Red I, to world-ranked pubs like Bubbles O’Leary’s Irish Pub.

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