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Here's the 2018 CaribbeanTales International Film Festival Lineup

September 5th launched the 13th annual CaribbeanTales International Film Festival with a screening at The Royal Cinema and an Opening Night Street Gala at Capitol Trattoria Pizzeria in Toronto, Canada.

The celebration continues with screenings throughout September. You can get an all-access pass or see below for individual listings!

Video: CTFF


September 5th, 5:30pm – CTFF2018 OPENING NIGHT: TRAILBLAZERS
Shorts: Black Doll | Queen of Hearts
Feature: A Special Preview Screening of HERO – Inspired by The Extraordinary Life and Times of Mr. Ulric Cross

September 12th, 8:00pm – CTFF2018 SHINE YA LIGHT
Shorts: Ariane’s Sky | C’est Moi | Accidentals | 3 Days in July | Hearts of Steel | Bonum
Feature: Nang by Nang

September 13th, 6:00pm – CTFF2018 BUILDING BRIDGES

Shorts: The Haircut | Sin Ayo || Paladin | Mare
Features: Unfinished Sentences || Deep End

September 14th, 6:00 pm – CTFF2018 DRAW FIRE
Shorts: Roots/Routes
Feature: Hall

September 15th, 6:00pm – CTFF2018 RISE UP: QUEER & HERE
Shorts: Anoche | Passing
Feature: Saturday Church

September 15th, 8:45 PM – CTFF2018 SHADES OF JUSTICE
Shorts: Lessons Injustice | The Deliverer
Feature: Not in my Neighbourhood

September 19th, 7:00 PM – CTFF2018 REDEMPTION TALES
Shorts: Kinto | Abeeku and The Maroons | The Incursion | Rasta’s Journey Home
Feature: Dancehall’s Asian Ambassadors

Thursday, September 20th – CTFF2018 TORCHSONG: HAITI
Shorts: Haitian Chicken in Tijuana | Sound of the Future: HAITI
Feature: It Stays With You: Use of Force by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti

If you’re not located in Toronto, then you can definitely stream African and Caribbean movies here!