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Nigerian Movies You Can Watch Right Now

Nollywood (the nickname for Nigeria’s film/movie industry) is arguably Africa’s largest and most popular. Argue all you want but the facts and figures do not lie. In terms of the number of films produced annually around the world, Nollywood comes behind the leader, India’s Bollywood and ahead of Hollywood in America.

Nollywood is also pulling its weight in other aspects of film production as well as cinematic effects (disappearing scenes, costume and make-up, special effects etc.).  Need I add the fact that Nigerian thespians (a dandy term for an actor/actress in standard British English) bring an international appeal to the wonderful interpretation of their roles, hence shoring the cinematic credibility of Nigerian movies?

So now that I feel I have convinced you enough to whet your appetite, let see a compilation of Nigerian movies you should and can watch right now:

The Department

If you desire an exciting but eclectic serving of romance, crime, action, and thriller from an African perspective, ‘The Department’ is your Nigerian movie to watch as I write. And the cool thing is you can watch or stream this interesting film on various online platforms, in the convenience of your home, office or just about anywhere, provided you have ample data.

The Department beams the light on the activities of a secret department in a business conglomerate. Its gang members arm-twist senior executives into selling their companies, for a pittance, to the leader of the conglomerate. Two staff members, who are also lovers, however, call it quits the organization, but the group wants the female back for one last job. She accepts this proposal in defiance of her spouse, who consequently decides to deploy his skills against The Department in a bid to salvage their marriage.

Expect shining performances from a formidable cast comprising Jide Kosoko, Desmond Elliot, and O.C.Ukeje, among others. In a cross-border collaboration, Ghanaian actor, Majid Micheal, adds to the viewing quality of the movie.

Watch The Department!

Flower Girl

The Flower Girl is a bold attempt to serve bouts of romance and comedy, spiced with twists and turns, in one fell swoop, in a movie! And guess what people, the producers of this movie actually achieved that objective. In a nutshell, the movie revolves around a florist on a mission to get married. She enlists the help of a famous actor to manipulate her boyfriend into a proposal.

In letting the cat steal a peek from the bag( yeah you have to watch the movie), the Florist(played by Damilola Adegbite) does get errant boyfriend (Ghanaian Chris Attoh) to propose and fix a date for their wedding; with much help from popular Actor, Tunde (played by Blossom Chkwujekwu).

But things take another turn because Tunde is now in love with Damilola, who decides to…

I have said enough for you to take some time off, to savor this delightful Nigerian movie today.

Watch Flower Girl!

Lunchtime Heroes

Directed by the talented Seyi Babatope, Lunchtime heroes gives a humorous bent to the endeavors of an unwanted teacher, saddled with the task of handling a class of school rejects. The teacher, played by Diana Yekini, uses her love for cooking to endear herself to the kids and help them discover their true worth.

But before then, Diana is posted to the school in question as part of the requirements for the compulsory one year period of National Service in Nigeria. But you can imagine getting to the establishment only to discover that you are totally UNWANTED (emphasis mine), by the teachers and even the students themselves. To the extent that Diana did not even have a subject to teach. Until a competition rears its head and causes Diana, and the kids, to discover themselves in the face of adversity and doubt.

Watch Lunchtime Heroes!

When Love Happens

If you are a hard-core romantic, who’d like a rich infusion of comedy to keeps things enjoyable, then you should  settle down somewhere comfortable, get some popcorn (or any other snack of choice) and watch ‘When Love Happens’.

At the heart of this Nigerian epic is the story of a 28-year-old event planner, who can’t shake off the feeling that the clock is ticking on her chances of getting married. While helping a friend getting engaged and set up the activities for her wedding, she takes the bull by the horns turning to online dating and starting a VLog of her journey. After lots of dates, she has a real chance at love. But if you feel that’s where the story ends, you have something else coming your way.

If you need further convincing, let the stellar following cast of actors/actresses pull you in: Weruche Opia, OC UkejeBeverly Naya, Oreka Godis, Gideon Okeke, Bukky WrightDesmond Elliot, Wale Ojo, Bassey Ekpeyong and Shafy Bello.

Watch When Love Happens!

The Okra Principle

To start with, the vegetable Okra is enjoyed in many parts of Nigeria, Africa and across the world. So to have this delicacy as a central theme in this movie will leave you yearning for more (for the meal as well as the movie).

The Okra Principle is an engaging tale that centers on the ups and downs in the lives of three Nigerian brothers and their close friends. Okra soup, a traditional Nigerian dish that the brothers often partake in is cleverly used to lighten the underlying serious issues that the story explores—two of the brothers have challenges in their marriages as the third decides to walk down the aisle.

Allow Andrew Madueke, Brandi Riggs, as well as Nene Nwoku, entertain you with quality acting and wonderful role interpretation.

Watch The Okra Principle!