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African American Romance Movies – Our Top 15 List

February – the month of love. What better time to indulge in African-American romance movies? Whether you’re a hopeless romantic—or not— check out our compilation of the top 15 black romance movies about the many twists and turns love can take.

Love & Basketball 

The film marks the directing debut of screenwriter Gina Prince-Bythewood, and stars Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan.

Love & Basketball is a 2000 American romantic drama film that tells the story of Quincy McCall and Monica Wright, two next-door neighbors who are not afraid to compete with each other, on and off the basketball court. Despite all the twists and turns, in the end, their mutual love for basketball is a testament of their love.

Poetic Justice

Written and directed by John Singleton, it stars Janet Jackson, Keanu Reeves, and Tupac Shakur.

This 1993 drama/romance film is a must-see purely because it stars Tupac, who plays a know-it-all mail man (Lucky) who falls in love with a hairdresser, Justice (Janet Jackson). Complete cinematic magic, not to be missed!

Love Jones 

Written and directed by Theodore Witcher, in his feature film debut; it stars Nia Long, Isaiah Washington, and Lisa Nicole Carson.

Love Jones is a 1997 romantic comedy about starting over again and again. It hilariously examines the battle of the sexes by asking whether the third time’s a charm.

The Best Man

Written and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, it stars Nia Long, Terrence Howard, and Sanaa Lathan.

This 1999 romantic comedy-drama will have you reminiscing about college and the old flames from that time. In The Best Man, college friends come together for the wedding of Mia (Monica Calhoun) and Lance (Morris Chestnut). During their meet-up, old lustful memories are brought up through Harper Stewart’s (Taye Diggs) new book, which causes a lot of ruckuses.

Brown Sugar

The film stars Sanaa Lathan and Taye Diggs.

Brown Sugar is a 2002 American romantic comedy film about the characters’ shared love for not only Hip Hop, but also for one another.

The Wood

Rick Famuyiwa directed the film, which stars Christina Milian, Sanaa Lathan, and Taye Diggs.

The Wood is a 1999 romantic comedy, in which three lifelong friends reflect back on their lives together growing up and their coming of age in “The Wood” (Inglewood, California) during the 1980s, all while trying to get one of them to the altar in time.

Think Like A Man 

The film was directed by Tim Story, and stars Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union, and Kelly Rowland.

It is a 2012 comedy that follows four interconnected and diverse men whose love lives are shaken up after the ladies they are pursuing buy Steve Harvey’s book, and start taking his advice to heart. When the band of brothers realizes they have been betrayed by one of their own, they conspire using the book’s insider information to turn the tables and teach the women a lesson of their own.

Just Wright

Just Wright stars Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, and Queen Latifah.

It is a 2010 American romantic comedy that tells the story of a physical therapist who falls in love with a professional basketball player. However, everything isn’t love at first sight. If you’re a true-love underdog, this movie is for you.

Jason’s Lyric

Directed by Doug McHenry, it stars Jada Pinkett-Smith, Forest Whitaker, and Eddie Griffin.

Jason’s Lyric is a 1994 romantic drama about how two inner-city youths find love on the hard streets of Houston. Each has personal problems to work through, and is wary of emotional attachments. Jason is haunted by the memory of his father’s death and feels responsible for his brother’s violent behavior. Lyric is strong and passionate, but doesn’t want to give her love to another just to see it snuffed out by the surrounding violence. Together they learn to let go of fear and guilt and dream of a better life.

Beyond the Lights

This film is directed and written by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Minnie Driver, Nate Parker, Danny Glover, and rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Beyond the Lights is a 2014 American romantic drama about the power of walking your own path. Romance ignites between a troubled young singer, pop-superstar Noni who struggles with super-stardom and not having a voice about her career and a handsome young cop Kaz. She tries to take her life, but Kaz stops her, and ends up helping her find her voice and authentic self.

Why Did I Get Married?

The film was written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry, and stars him as well as Janet Jackson and Jill Scott.

This is a 2007 comedy-drama film adaptation about a couple’s retreat, which turns into a place where major troubles arise. It deals with the reasons why married couples make the decisions to stay married through some of life’s most difficult circumstances.

The star-studded cast of this movie alone makes it a must-see.

Deliver Us from Eva

This film stars Gabrielle Union, LL Cool J, and Meagan Good.

It is a 2003 American romantic comedy in which Eva’s (Gabrielle Union) family pays Ray (LL Cool J) to date her. However, the two actually fall madly in love, turning the ‘arrangement’ on its head.

 How Stella Got Her Groove Back 

Directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan, it stars Whoopi Goldberg, Angela Bassett, and Danny Glover.

This is a 1998 romantic comedy film about how 40-year-old, recently divorced Stella (Angela Bassett) is looking to get away from the humdrum of everyday life. So, she and her friend Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg) plan a trip to Jamaica to soak in some sun. On her travel adventure as a single woman, Stella finds new love with a handsome 20-something (Taye Diggs).

The Brothers

The film was written and directed by Gary Hardwick, and stars Gabrielle Union, Julie Benz, and Shemar Moore.

The Brothers is a 2001 romantic comedy about four lifelong friends, ‘the brothers’, who band together to navigate through the turbulent waters of love and sex on their way to healthy, happy, and committed relationships. It is a brazenly comic look at love, honesty, and the beauty of commitment.

Jumping the Broom 

Directed by Salim Akil, the film stars Julie Bowen, Paula Patton, and Angela Bassett.

Jumping the Broom is a 2011 American comedy film that revolves around the wedding of Sabrina (Patton) and Jason (Alonso), and the clash that ensues when her uptown family meets his down-town one.

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