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Grab Hold of Your Hair and Watch Back to Natural Documentary

“Natural Hair is not a fad; it’s a birthright. Find your freedom.” This groundbreaking documentary from director Dr. Gillian Scott Ward analyzes the intersection of hair, identity and politics in the black community worldwide.

Awesome, what is it about?

Back to Natural shines an emotional light on the importance of healing from the prolific globalized policing of natural black hair.

Celebrate history, deep-rooted culture and the natural styles that are taking the world by storm in this fast paced 75-minute documentary.

Where was it filmed?

Filmed in multiple cities, where natural hair has progressed from more than a fad, to an important symbolic step of ownership of the pride and beauty in natural black hair. Follow this documentary crew from New York and Philadelphia to Paris & Cape Town.

Back to Natural shows the universality of the Black experience through the gender, identity and social politics of natural hair.

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