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Nigerian Movies Online

Nigeria is a beautiful African country on the Gulf of Guinea. It has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. The Nigerian film industry is also referred to as Nollywood and is believed to produce over 200 movies a month. The Nollywood cinema scene is impressive and is filled with abundant talent and promise. This makes it one of the biggest film production industries in the world. The cinema scene proved to be popular among the locals and many of the films that have been released have received acclaim and praise from cinema houses across the globe. Below, we take a look at the Nigerian movie industry, as well as the steps you can take to watch Nigerian movies online.

Where Can I Watch Nigerian Movies online?

There is a variety of options for watching Nigerian movies and sites online. Some of these sites include:

Demand Africa

Demand Africa is a streaming app that allows you to watch movies for free for 7 days. It has a wide variety of African and Nigerian shows, documentaries and movies available. Demand Africa is a separate subscription-based streaming service catered to a diaspora of Afro-centric and youthful audiences. You can access Demand Africa from your computer, phone or tablet at any time. Once you have a subscription, you have instant access to the Internet video stream. The video plays automatically in your browser. It works on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.


NollyLand is a world-class movie platform that allows you to watch a variety of Nigerian movies. NollyLand provides the cutting-edge features of a world-class movie platform. It has adaptive video streaming, automatic bookmarking of movies (which means you can stop watching a movie and then continue later – even on another device), and watch List to personalize your movie choices.



Which Nigerian Movies to Watch Online?

Nigerian movies have been proven to be very popular in cinemas and on YouTube playlists across the world. From gripping short films to nail-biting dramas, Nollywood has a range of genres to keep one excited. Here are 10 popular Nigerian movies that you can watch online:

Through Her Eyes:

The film is set in a small, undisclosed Nigerian town and tells that story of young female children who have been abducted and turned into child terrorists.

Picture Perfect:

The movie revolves around Kumbi, who is a young clothes maker and whose car breaks down in the middle of the night in Lagos. Rescued by the compassionate Jobe, however, he finds himself insulted by Kumbi’s offer of thanks.

Elephant in the Room:

This Nigerian rom-com tells a story of a model returning from Europe in search of a job.

Anchor Baby:

The film tells the story of a Nigerian couple living in the United States illegally. Anchor Baby was directed and produced by Lonzo Nzekwe and won the award for the Best Film at the 2010 Harlem International Film Festival in New York. Actress Omoni Oboli won the Best Actress award.

The Figurine: Araromire:

A 2009 Nigerian supernatural suspense thriller film. It was written by Kemi Adesoye and produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan, who also stars in the film as one of the main protagonists. It also stars Ramsey Nouah and Omoni Oboli.


A 2008 Nigerian comedy-drama film starring Funke Akindele. It received four nominations at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2008. Akindele won Best Actress for a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Mirror Boy:

A 2011 film about a young African British boy that is taken back to the land of his mother’s birth. He then gets mysteriously lost in a foreboding forest and embarks on a magical journey that teaches him the lessons in life.

The Wedding Party (2016):

A comedy film about a couple getting married. As the big day arrives, the couple’s lavish wedding plans turn into a nightmare that includes exes, fighting parents and uninvited guests.

Last Flight to Abuja (2012):

A story about a Nigerian commercial plane that experiences mid-air difficulties. It has a series of flashbacks, which unravels the twists, turns and leaps of fate that put each passenger on that fateful flight.

Phone Swap (2012):

A brilliant movie about two people from different walks of life that accidentally switch phones and tread in each other’s shoes.

How Can You Download Nigerian Movies Online?

Videos on Demand are available from leading movie and Nigerian movie’s websites. Subscription on demand are services that use a subscription business model, where subscribers are charged a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly fee to enjoy access to unlimited programs. These services include Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Video, TVPlayer, and Hulu Plus. You can subscribe to these services to have a range of movies available for you to download at a click on a button. Once you have subscribed, you can download movies on your computer, movie or hard drive so that you can play these movies at any time.

Transactional video on demand (SVOD) is a good way to download movies as you pay per video or movie. Examples of TVOD services include Apple’s iTunes online store and Google’s Google Play service.

Catch-up TV is also a way to watch your favorite Nigerian movies. It is usually available from your local broadcaster’s channel sites. It is a great way for viewers to watch TV shows through their VOD service hours, days, weeks, months, years or even decades after the original television broadcast.

Can You Watch Nigerian Movies on Netflix?

Netflix has a variety of movies available that are Nigerian in origin. Netflix is by far one of the most popular ways to watch good and entertaining movies while paying an affordable monthly fee. Netflix has a category for Nigerian films and the demand was noticed and met when Netflix picked up more of these Nollywood films. Their catalog has been growing ever since. Here is a selection of ten popular Nigerian movies on Netflix:

  1. A Soldier’s Story
  2. The Arbitration
  3. Ayanda
  4. Couple of Days
  5. The Duplex
  6. Falling
  7. Fifty
  8. Lunch Time Heroes
  9. Mum, Dad, meet Sam
  10. Mummy Dearest

Are There Nigerian Movies On YouTube?

 There is a variety of YouTube channels available that will allow you to watch Nigerian movies whenever you need. YouTube is a faster option for watching movies as it has fast streaming and it has good quality videos available. Nigerian movies on YouTube are popular and growing today and are an affordable way to stream and download movies.

Nigerian Movies For Free

There is a selection of the most popular Nigerian Movie YouTube Channels that are available on YouTube, which will allow you to watch some of the best Nigerian movies for free. Some of these channels include:

  • Nollywood Blockbuster 2017
  • Nigerian Nollywood Movies
  • Nigerian Films – the latest Nigerian movies 2017
  • The latest Nigerian Movies 2017
  • Award Winning Movies – Nigerian Movies 2017

Since the 1990s, the Nigerian movie industry, also called “Nollywood”, has emerged as a fast-growing cultural force all over the continent. Nigerian Movies are full of talent, action, drama and adventure. Nollywood is also filled to the brink with talent and promise. There are lots of Nigerian movies that have left footprints in the sands of time. More Nollywood movies have improved the quality in the cinema this year than they have ever done before. The language of Nigerian video films and those of subtitling and dubbing are still popular in the modern era of pop culture. Check out some of its movies and YouTube channels to explore the beautiful country, diversity and culture that make it so popular in the African continent.