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5 African TV Shows to Try for Free

Truth be told, apart from being entertaining, African TV shows are educative to young minds. Many of these shows are putting Africa’s major developments in science, technology, literature, politics, and sports in front of the world. Hardly will you find someone that has not been taken by surprise by the magic of African Entertainment.

We all depend on these TV shows for major updates, especially with TV shows that are dedicated to showing groundbreaking news in Africa and from all around the world.

African TV shows just got easier to stream on Demand Africa’s streaming video App where you get to watch, learn, and laugh out your heart. On Demand Africa, you can watch African TV shows for free, usually the first episode. If you love what you see, you can subscribe to the service and get unlimited access to all movies and short videos available on the streaming App.

So get started on the journey through Africa via movies, discovering the African lifestyle, culture, norms, and values, here are 5 African TV shows you need to see now, and the best part? You can try these out for free.

Africa Everywhere

Explore the African/Caribbean immigrant influence in the United States and abroad through up-close and personal stories shared from a variety of perspectives.  Africa Everywhere showcases African culture and food in cities around the world.  From London to New York, Paris to Chicago, explore Africa EVERYWHERE!

Watch Africa Everywhere!

Shades of You

Whether it’s the fusing of cultures, creativity, or experiences, Shades of You explores various themes relevant to African lifestyle abroad.  This show delves into a range of topics to highlight and define how culture and race intersect in healthcare and popular culture.

Watch Shades of You!


An investigative drama/thriller following Detective Lungi Mlaba who, in the course of a murder investigation, finds her own integrity severely put to the test. Like every working mother, she is faced with tough choices about where her priorities lie.

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Care for Color

It’s all about self-love, self-care, and self-knowledge through the lens of the African diaspora. While alluding to African origins, this docu-series tackles both trendy and age-old health, wellness and beauty secrets for people of all shades and colors.

Watch Care for Color!

Getaway to Africa

Traveling by road, rail and boats, ranging from cities to remote rural areas, Getaway To Africa shows us parts of Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia that the average traveler rarely gets to see. It’s not only beautifully filmed and edited with a keen artistic eye but the stories of man’s impact on the environment add an important depth.

Watch Getaway to Africa!