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Clover Krush Layered Lollies

Clover Krush Layered Lollies

  • 150ml Clover Krush Berry Juice
  • 150ml Clover Krush Grape Juice
  • 300ml Clover Krush Guava Juice
  • 100ml Low fat plain yoghurt
  • 1/4 cup blueberries, sliced in half
  1. Mix half of the guava juice and yoghurt together and set aside. For the first layer, divide the berry juice equally into your Zoku Pop Maker or regular Popsicle molds and add blueberry halves. Allow the first layer to freeze completely.

  2. For the second layer, add the grape juice then leave to freeze. Pour the guava juice into your mold and freeze completely.

  3. Finish with a final layer of guava yoghurt mix, freeze and serve.